OSINT passive investigations - data of entities (physical, legal)

The business interaction with other entities (physical or legal) or the employee-employer type involves, besides the contractual relations or the one specific to the field in which it takes place, a good mutual knowledge. Especially in the early stages of the interaction, knowing your business partner or employee is the basis of the relationship of trust that will form the formal and informal framework of the joint activity. In today’s society, any entity has a digital fingerprint that outlines a profile of the interlocutor, based on which you can make the right business decisions.

INOSINT can offer you a comprehensive online profile, which contains:


Knowledge data

(in case of persons, CV type - full name, aliases if applicable, age, residence address, family status, professional background, material status - income, areas of interest, passions, etc .; for companies - current and previous name, addresses of headquarters and work points, field or fields of activity, board, products or services, business model, evolution over time, presence on different markets, other data depending on the specifics of the entity).

Online behaviour

visibility on social platforms (public accounts / pages, membership in groups, domains or topics of interest, typology of messages, popularity, positioning in the network of friends, etc.).

Media presence

publishing frequency in classic media or new media (blogs, discussion forums); reference register (positive, negative, neutral); themes or strong ideas; possible potential impact (visibility, views, clicks, audience, etc.).

Products / services

Individual / entity presentation

Link / Networking Analysis